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Calling an IEP Meeting

Especially this year, I have had a number of clients asking how often they are allowed to have IEP meetings. The short answer is: as often as you want!

If you would like to meet with your child’s IEP team, send a request in writing to your child’s case manager (email works just fine for this). The school district then has 30 days to hold the meeting. Most teams are able to meet well within that 30 day timeline, but it can be more difficult to schedule when there are many members on a child’s team.

By law, IEP teams are required to meet at least once every calendar year. This meeting is usually called an annual review, and your child’s specific annual review deadline can fall any time within the normal school year. Some of my clients have them scheduled in September, and others don’t have them until May. Especially if your child has moved to a new school, has a new teacher, or seems to be having difficulty with an academic subject or IEP goal, it’s a great idea to schedule an IEP meeting during those first couple of months in the school year. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and if there are any necessary adjustments that need to be made to the IEP the team can make them before problems arise.

Communication is the key to a successful IEP team. As the parent, you are an essential part of your child’s IEP team and can call a meeting whenever you feel it’s necessary!

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