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In Home Services

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with the Regional Director of the Gateway Learning Group, an ABA provider in San Diego and other areas of Southern California. Service delivery for many families has been impacted by our state’s stay at home order, but Gateway Learning Group is now able to offer in home services again! If your child is struggling to adapt to a teletherapy model, give them a call to see if your family could qualify for in home support! In addition, Gateway is presenting a free, 30 minute webinar titled Accessing ABA Services During COVID-19 on June 4th at 11AM and 1:30PM (PT). This webinar is for families that may be considering starting ABA services but are concerned about COVID-19, as well as for any professionals that may be interested in learning more about how their patients can access safe ABA services. Gateway is utilizing both Telehealth and in-person services to provide supports to families in need. The link to their webinar page is:

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