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The IEP process is meant to empower families, but parents often feel overwhelmed or outnumbered by professionals on the team. We help parents contribute confidently as IEP team members so that their child gets the best education possible. We want to help you, the parent, feel sure of your child's IEP and happy with the decisions made by your child's IEP team.

Services : Services
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We can help you by:

  • Navigating the assessment and eligibility process

  • Reviewing and explaining educational records

  • Observing your child in the classroom

  • Problem solving with other members of the IEP team

  • Attending school and regional center meetings, including but not limited to: Behavior Manifestation Determinations, 504s, Triennial IEP's, Annual IEP's, Transition IEP's

  • Preparing for and debriefing after meetings

  • Presenting an informational parent workshop for your organization about the IEP basics

  • Much more!


We can support you via:

  • Coaching and support in the background

  • Attending meetings with you

  • Meeting over the phone

  • Meeting in person

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We have advocacy experience in:

  • Filing California Department of Education Compliance Complaints

  • Assessments for IEP eligibility

  • Triennial assessments and meetings

  • A-G Diploma Eligibility

  • Moderate/Severe classrooms, including life skills

  • Transitions to different programs/schools

  • 1:1 aide support

  • 504 Plan eligibility

  • Prior Written Notices

  • And more! 

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