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Welcome! Here at San Diego SEA we believe every child has the right to an effective education, and we want to support IEP teams in making that happen. Take a look around and see how we can help you!

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The IEP process is meant to empower families, but parents often feel overwhelmed or outnumbered by professionals on the team. We help parents contribute confidently as IEP team members so that their child gets the best education possible. We want to help you, the parent, feel sure of your child's IEP and happy with the decisions made by your child's IEP team.

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We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your family. That's why we don't offer set pricing packages. All services are billed by the hour so you and your child can receive the individualized help you deserve! We can help you behind the scenes or work directly with your child's school district. Contact us today!

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We can help you by:

·        Navigating the assessment and eligibility process

·        Reviewing and explaining educational records

·        Observing your child in the classroom

·        Problem solving with other members of the IEP team

·        Attending school and regional center meetings, including but not limited to: Behavior Manifestation Determinations, 504s, Triennial IEP's, Annual IEP's, Transition IEP's

·        Preparing for and debriefing after meetings

·        Much more!

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We can support you via: 

  • Coaching and support in the background

  • Attending meetings with you

  • Meeting over the phone

  • Meeting in person

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"My daughter started preschool when she was 2 years and 3 months. This came at a time of several life changing transitions for her, including the birth of baby brother. She had a tough time adjusting and demonstrated several behaviors from the very start. After a few months, I thought we were seeing improvement both at home and school; however her teachers were not in agreement and their feedback about her behavior was drastically different from what I was seeing in other environments. I knew that I wanted to observe the class but that it would be hard to do because I would be visible. I also knew that I wanted an unbiased, experienced and professional opinion regarding her behavior and how her teachers and peers were interacting with her. Sarah was open to observing both at school and in a more informal play environment for comparison. We discussed the behaviors, teacher feedback and my feedback so that she knew what to look for. She counseled me on parents' rights and how I needed to approach the situation. With her background as a Special Education teacher, Sarah is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to disabilities and children who demonstrate negative behaviors, as well as appropriate reactions needed from staff to decrease the behaviors. She took extensive notes and gave specific examples of all interactions during her observation. She wrote a detailed report which included her interpretations of the interactions. My daughter did not demonstrate the behaviors the teachers had discussed and Sarah's observation was key in my decision to change preschools. Sarah is caring and compassionate and truly wants to help you make the best decisions regarding your child's education."

Cat H

"Sarah is truly amazing at what she does. She has been helping my son and I for years with the IEP process. She is always there to answer any questions I may have. She always makes us feel like she is on our side and helps support us in what we want for our son. She has so much knowledge in the IEP world and truly has made the crazy world of IEP's easy to understand. Whenever I have a question or concern she is always there for us to give us or find the answer. It is the best experience to have Sarah in your corner when you are going through the IEP process. I would highly recommend her services and help to anyone. She truly does care about each and every student she helps."

Linda M

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