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Missing Services

Surprisingly, I have quite a few clients right now who have services (i.e. speech therapy, occupational therapy, 1:1 aide support) written in to their child’s IEP, but because of staffing issues the district isn’t able to fill those positions and provide those services. Some of the school districts are handling things properly: they notify families of the issue, are searching for staff either within the district or through contracted agencies, and plan to make up services ASAP. Other districts, however, seem to try and brush the issue under the rug or change the IEP (without parental consent) to reflect what they are able to provide. This is such a frustrating issue for parents! The IEP should be a guarantee of the services your child needs. As a parent, you have a few different options when something like this happens. Give me a call; I can help you figure out the solution that best fits your situation.

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