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Thank you, Veterans

With Veterans Day coming up I have been reflecting on the fact that we have so many military families here in San Diego! Thank you to all of the Veterans and their families for sacrificing so much for our country. And thank you, as well, to the current members of our military. One of the many sacrifices military families make is moving across the country (and even around the world) to serve at different military bases. Moving can be difficult for any family, but it can be especially difficult for families of children with special needs. This is one reason why having a thorough and detailed IEP can be so helpful for your child. IEP‘s are covered under federal law, therefore wherever you move, your child should be eligible for comparable services. Anyone who picks up your child’s IEP and reads it should have a good idea of your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs to be able to provide a meaningful education for your child. If you don’t think your child’s IEP provides this, give me a call and I would be happy to troubleshoot with you and your child’s IEP team!

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