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Triennial Evaluations

By law, your child should be fully reevaluated for special-education eligibility at least every three years. Has your child’s IEP team ever said a full triennial evaluation wasn’t necessary? Sometimes, they are right, and a records review would suffice. There can be drawbacks to getting assessed, like taking your child away from needed classroom instruction, disrupting their routine, or causing added stress. If your child has gotten a couple sets of thorough assessments, the IEP team may have all the information they need to determine continued special education eligibility and service delivery needs. But, if your child is struggling in school, having behavior issues, or not progressing as quickly as they used to, don’t let the team cut back on these assessments! The new assessments could offer valuable information about your child’s evolving needs. If you aren’t sure which route is best for your child, give me a call and we can chat about it.

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