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After School Meltdowns

One of the most common concerns I hear from parents is that their child holds it together at school, but at home during homework time the meltdowns are frequent and debilitating. School teams will often argue that since they don’t see the behavior at school, there’s nothing they can do. While this seems to be the common argument, it’s really not true. Below is the link to an article that explains why after school meltdowns happen and what it can mean for your child’s education. In short, your child has been holding it together at school and sees home as a safe place where he or she can let go and relax. “The demands being put on your child exceeds their skill set, even with supports. Which, in turn, depletes their cognitive horsepower. In other words, their IEP is insufficient, inappropriate or not being followed. If the workload was appropriate or had the appropriate supports, meltdowns would not occur. At any time during or after the school day.” If you need help convincing your child’s team to make a change, give me a call!

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