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District Policy

Just because members of your child’s school team say that something is “district policy” doesn’t mean that it is actually set in stone. It also doesn’t mean that what they are trying to convince you of is legal under the IDEA. The acronym “IEP” stands for individualized education program. Blanket statements about what districts will and will not do for a child with an IEP often raise a red flag for me.

If you have requested something of your child’s IEP team but get the answer that it does not coincide with their district policy, ask to see that policy in writing. You can also ask for a prior written notice (PWN) explaining the district’s response to your request. If your request is important to you but the district still can’t give you a satisfactory reason for their refusal, there are different avenues you can take to move things forward. An advocate can help you prioritize your desires for your child’s education program and strategize how to get your goals achieved. Reach out to one today!

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