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Extended School Year

Has your child’s IEP team ever discussed extended school year (also known as ESY)? ESY isn’t available for just anyone; there are specific criteria a student must meet in order to qualify. The main argument that one uses to qualify for ESY is that your child would regress on skills learned if not given the opportunity to practice them during the long summer break. ESY is not technically there to teach new skills, but to help a child maintain the same level of skill so that things don’t need to be re-taught at the beginning of the new school year. ESY eligibility is an IEP team decision, so you get to have a say in the matter! Because of the current climate in education, if you have any concern about skill retention for your child, it couldn’t hurt to revisit the question of ESY with your child’s IEP team. Reach out to me if you would like some help!

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