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Getting Started

You’ve noticed your child is struggling in school. Maybe their teacher has mentioned something, as well. You would LOVE to get them more supports, but how?

The Federal Law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has a stipulation called “child find” that requires that schools assess all areas of a suspected disability for a child. If there is ANY question that a child may have a disability that impacts their education, the school district has an obligation to assess that child.

There are certain timelines the district must follow, as well. After you send an assessment request in writing to your child’s school psychologist, teacher, and principal, the school has 15 calendar days to send a proposed assessment plan back to you. Then, you have at least 15 days to review the plan and approve or submit any changes. After the school receives the signed assessment plan from you, the district has 60 days to complete the assessments and hold an IEP meeting to discuss the results.

If you need help drafting that initial assessment request letter, reviewing the assessment plan, or reviewing the assessment reports and proposed IEP, give me a call! I would love to help.

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