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Parent Concerns

The parent concerns section of the IEP is the one place in the document where you, the parent, have full control. While every other section of your child’s IEP is supposed to be developed and discussed by the entire IEP team, in the parent concerns section you can write anything you’d like with no team approval necessary. This is a great spot to be as detailed as possible with your questions and concerns regarding your child’s educational program.

I often suggest that parents write up a concerns letter and send it to the IEP team before the meeting. This gives the team a chance to copy and paste your words directly into the document, and it also allows everyone time to gather answers to your questions. One of your rights as a parent is to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed within an IEP meeting. Otherwise, how could you be seen as an informed, active participant in developing your child’s IEP?

I enjoy helping parents draft these letters. We compile weeks or months of our phone and email conversations into one comprehensive document. Parents appreciate seeing all of their concerns in one place, and it helps us stay on track throughout the IEP meeting. Reach out to an advocate if you need help putting your concerns in to words!

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