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The Advocate Effect

I can’t tell you how many times in the past month or two I have heard the phrase “It was a completely different IEP team with you there at the meeting.” The majority of new clients who have said this have been navigating the IEP process on their own for their child for many years. They understand their rights as the parent and, more importantly, they understand the needs of their child. So why does my presence make such a difference?

Perhaps the presence of an advocate reminds the other members of the IEP team of the parent’s rights. Perhaps it levels the playing field, since the parent can feel outnumbered surrounded by employees of the school district. Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate that parents have such a difficult time getting their voice to be heard. If you feel frustrated by the outcome of your child’s most recent IEP meeting, reach out to an advocate and see how they can help!

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