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You Did It!

You made it through the end of this unpredictable school year, and it’s just about time for summer vacation. I hope you are able to have some fun with your family!

The end of the school year means it’s time for report cards and IEP goal progress reports. You have a unique opportunity this year to compare the goal progress report and grades with what you have seen from your child during distance learning. Does their progress report match with what they have been able to do at home? Does it compare to the grades your child received in his or her class(es)? Documentation means everything in the IEP world. If it’s on paper, that’s what happened. If you see a discrepancy, be sure to ask your child’s IEP team about it. We want goal progress reports and report cards to accurately reflect your child’s abilities. Thinking about this information will also give you insight into what is working and what needs changing next school year.

Have a GREAT summer!

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