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Assessment Timelines

With all of the uncertainty surrounding education at the moment, it is reassuring to know that the federal government did not grant any waivers regarding timelines for special education assessments. Some school districts may feel overwhelmed at the moment trying to get everything done, but it is still their responsibility to follow the timelines set forth in the IDEA. Some assessments may be done virtually at this time, but most districts have guidance now to hold in person appointments for assessment. If you feel that your child’s IEP team needs updated information, or if your child is due for a triennial, do not be afraid to ask the team for assessments! Make sure your assessment request is in writing and dated. The team has 15 days to respond to your request with either an assessment plan or a prior written notice (PWN) explaining why they district isn’t going to assess. You do have alternative options if the district provides a PWN, so don’t give up! If you get an assessment plan, you have at least 15 days to review the plan. You can suggest on the plan other areas of need that should be assessed, and you can also refuse certain areas without refusing the entire plan. Be sure to ask the team to specify how assessments will be conducted; will the team assess in person, virtually, or use a combination of both? Once the school district has received a signed copy of the assessment plan, they have 60 days to conduct the assessments and write up the assessment reports. They must also hold an IEP meeting within that timeframe to discuss the results. It is within your right to ask for the reports a few days ahead of time to review. This will help you to be an active participant in the IEP meeting. If you need help navigating the process, give San Diego SEA a call!

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