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We are camping this week! As a mom with two young boys, when we go to a new campground I naturally have some worries: will the campground be navigable by stroller? Will the ground at our campsite be forgiving on my unsteady toddler’s knees, or is it rocky and hard? Will our neighboring campers be friendly and understanding of any meltdowns?

As my boys grow, those worries will be replaced by others: are the children at the campground friendly and fun for my boys to play with? Are drivers around the campground driving safely and watching out for kids on their bikes?

Some of these worries can be mitigated by teaching my children the skills they need to overcome challenges: learning to cross the street safely, appropriate greetings and conversations with peers, understanding emotions to limit meltdowns, etc. When your child has an IEP, these skills can also be taught using a team of experienced professionals! School districts have people trained to teach orientation and mobility skills, social skills instruction, speech therapy, self advocacy, physical therapy, and so much more! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your IEP team and discuss your child’s needs.

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