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IEP Goal Progress Reports

IEP goal progress reports are an essential piece to ensuring a parent’s participation in the IEP process. As the parent, you have a right to know how your child is doing in school. Just like report cards, goal progress reports should be sent out at the end of each grading period. The progress should be measurable and should give a good picture of what your child can do. Reports that say “some progress” or “progress made” with no elaboration aren’t sufficient; anyone should be able to read the report and then understand where your child is at on their road to accomplishing each goal. If the progress report is unclear to you, don’t be afraid to ask your child’s case manager for clarification! You have the right to review data logs, as well.

When reviewing a progress report, if your child has met the goal before his or her annual review is due, request an IEP meeting to develop a new goal. Your child’s IEP team can develop new goals at any time during the school year. Conversely, if your child hasn’t made sufficient progress on a goal, the IEP team should meet to discuss why. Even with the current educational climate, schools are expected to ensure adequate progress toward IEP goals. Perhaps a change of placement or change in services is needed to remedy the situation. Reach out to San Diego SEA if you need help reviewing goal progress reports!

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