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Independent Educational Evaluations

Sometimes when the school district does an assessment for your child, you might not feel like they got an accurate description of your child’s abilities and deficits. Especially during these times, districts might be limited in what they are able to accomplish during the assessment process. As a parent, you have options when this happens.

When a parent doesn’t agree with assessment results, they can request that an independent educational evaluation (IEE) be paid for by the school district. Sometimes the districts have a list of evaluators; you are more than welcome to choose from this list, but as long as a person is qualified, you can choose anyone you feel would give the IEP team the most accurate results.

There is a caveat to this process: If the school district does not believe that an IEE is warranted, they can refuse and then must file for due process. In a due process hearing, you would have an attorney help you show the judge why the district’s original evaluations were not sufficient. If you would rather not go through a due process hearing, you can rescind your request for an IEE at any time.

Working with an advocate throughout this process is helpful because they can help you discern when an IEE may be warranted and can help you set the stage for an attorney if it comes time to present your case in due process. Reach out to San Diego SEA today if you’d like more information!

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